Cisco Security Advisory: SSL Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (POODLE) Vulnerability

Published: 2014-10-16
Last Updated: 2014-10-16 08:12:47 UTC
by Basil Alawi S.Taher (Version: 1)
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Advisory ID: cisco-sa-20141015-poodle

Revision 1.0

For Public Release 2014 October 15 17:30  UTC (GMT)



On October 14, 2014, a vulnerability was publicly announced in the Secure Sockets Layer version 3 (SSLv3) protocol when using a block cipher in Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode. SSLv3 is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communication security, which has been superseded by Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. By exploiting this vulnerability, an attacker could decrypt a subset of the encrypted communication.

This advisory is available at the following link:


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