Microsoft Security Advisory (927892)

Published: 2006-11-04
Last Updated: 2006-11-04 23:19:14 UTC
by Deborah Hale (Version: 1)
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Microsoft Security Advisory (927892)

Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution

Microsoft published an advisory yesterday regarding a vulnerability in the XMLHTTP 4.0 ActiveX Control, part of Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 on Windows. They indicate in the advisory that they are aware of limited attacks and are investigating the reports further.

According to the advisory "
Customers who are running Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 in their default configurations, with the Enhanced Security Configuration turned on, are not affected. Customers would need to visit an attacker's Web site to be at risk."

Microsoft Security Advisory

Thanks to Edwin for providing us with this information.

Update - This is now a zero day with exploits in the wild.

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