Microsoft March Patch Pre-Announcement

Published: 2014-03-08
Last Updated: 2014-03-08 13:23:37 UTC
by Guy Bruneau (Version: 2)
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Microsoft released its pre-announcement for the upcoming patch Tuesday. The summary indicates a total of 5 bulletins, 2 are critical with remote code execution and 3 Important with a mix of security feature bypass and elevation of privileges. The announcement is available here.


Last patch Tuesday for both Windows XP(SP3) and Office 2003 is next month April 8, 2014. This means that any new vulnerabilities discovered in Windows XP or Office 2003 after its “end of life” will no longer be addressed by new security updates from Microsoft. It is now time to upgrade on the Windows 7 or 8. ISC has pool going title "The end of XP is looming where are you at?"



Guy Bruneau IPSS Inc. gbruneau at isc dot sans dot edu

5 comment(s)


When is the last patch Tuesday for XP?
Is it now on March 11 or is it on April 8?
Last patch date (for XP & Office 2003) will be "Second Tuesday in April".
End of Extended Support is the day after.


I've read that one of the patches will be a pop-up that plays "Happy Trails To You",
then "Thanks For The Memories", then "It's All Over" (The Doors), then "Taps". :-)

P.S. How many gallons of water are in the "ISC Pool" ?
Whew, I'm somewhat relieved. Had the patch played "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish" I'd be grabbing a towel and having a couple of pints.
with >370 security and patched updates XP will be solely missed, but then again, 7 and 8 is building on that platform.
I wonder if there are pints wherever the dolphins went. If so, count me in!

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