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Published: 2013-11-22
Last Updated: 2013-11-24 00:23:34 UTC
by Rick Wanner (Version: 1)
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Following on the stories of amplification DDOS attacks using Chargen, and stories of "booters" via Brian Kreb's,  I am watching with interest the increase in port 0 amplification DDOS attacks.

Typically these are relatively short duration, 15 to 30 minute, attacks aimed at a residential IP address and my speculation is that these are targeted at "booting" participants in  RPG games. On the networks I have access to these are usually in the 300 Mbps to 2.0 Gbps range. The volume would most certainly be very debilitating for the target, and sometimes their neighbors, but for the most part doesn't cause overall problems for the network.  The sources are very diverse.

Unfortunately I do not have an ability to get packets of any of  these attacks, but I am questioning whether this traffic is actually destined for port 0 or if it is actually fragmentation attacks that are being interpreted as source port 0 traffic.

Jim Macleod at lovemytool.com does an excellent job of describing what I am suspecting.

If anyone has packets available from one of these attacks, I would love to review them.


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Interestingly enough, I happen to follow e-sports through watching twitch.tv streams, and there are known problems of professional gamers getting DDOS'd to the point where they are unable to stream / connect to games.

I believe various techniques are used such as seeing the target's Skype handle and acquiring their IP through methods that I am sure you are aware of. I believe some game matches are even hosted on individual computers rather than servers, and the IP can be acquired through connection monitoring, etc.

For reference, I just ran a search and this is from 2012:


We are having the same sort of attacks and have been for the last month or so, each night we get flooded with port 0 traffic and last night from and this is the same problem as above I think. Here are some other IPs we get attacked from:

Wireshark - source port 0 and destination port 0...

Very frustrating.

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