Update on MS06-042 and CA Unicenter Service Desk

Published: 2006-08-18
Last Updated: 2006-08-18 20:20:00 UTC
by David Goldsmith (Version: 2)
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There was a diary yesterday from Chris about the MS06-042 vulnerability and its impact on the CA Unicenter Service Desk product.  Today we received an official statement from CA relayed to us by Ken Williams:

"Last week, CA identified problems involving Internet Explorer browser crashes after Microsoft security patch MS06-042 was installed on systems running Unicenter Service Desk. CA is currently working with Microsoft to resolve these issues. Until Microsoft re-releases updated MS06-042 patches, CA recommends that users who experience problems with MS06-042 and Unicenter Service Desk either a) use Firefox or Mozilla, or b) uninstall MS06-042 and wait for the re-release of MS06-042. The MS06-042 re-release, which is currently scheduled to be released by August 22, 2006, should fix at least two issues that could cause Internet Explorer browser crashes for Unicenter Service Desk users. Note that Unicenter Service Desk does officially support Firefox and Mozilla. When using the PDA interface, any browser that supports basic HTML should work."

You can go here for the matrix showing the updated status summary on all of the Microsoft August updates.

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