Malware Analysis Project: Tools of the Trade

Published: 2006-07-26
Last Updated: 2006-07-26 02:42:17 UTC
by Lorna Hutcheson (Version: 1)
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Every person out there has encountered situations when they needed a tool to do something and was not sure where to find one.  If you did find one, good luck with understanding how to use it as most don't come with good documentation.  I know I have spent many hours on Google looking for something that would do what I needed it to for that moment.  Maybe it was an easy way to extract the files out of a .chm (yep there's a cool tool to do that with) or a simple tool that does unencoding.  Here is what I'm looking for and would like for it to be a team effort.  I would like to compile and maintain a list of tools useful for doing malware analysis.  It may even be a website that has a useful feature.  Here is what I would ask that you do if you wish to contribute.  Please send the following via the contact page and label the subject as "Malware Analysis Tool Project":
  1. The name of the tool
  2. Where you can get it (if known)
  3. Shareware/Freeware
  4. What it does (short synopsis: you don't have to write a user's guide unless you really want to)
  5. Tips for using it or gotchas
  6. Is the source of the tool considered trustworthy? (i.e. would you run it on your primary system or only on a VM)
  7. Screen Shots of the tool in action (optional)
  8. Links to additional resource information about the tool (i.e. forums, mailing lists, websites, articles, etc.)

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