A Lesson Learned from the Mailbox

Published: 2006-07-22
Last Updated: 2006-07-22 23:21:35 UTC
by Kevin Liston (Version: 1)
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From today's mailbox, William writes:

I walked up to my home computer only to find it acting on its own. I now understand it was the RealVnc 4.1.1 attack. Anyways, the computer is on a dialup connection, so they were working slowly. I unpluged the modem at once, leaving them cut off. They were in the process of downloading a virus from what i suspect to be a personal httpd. the address is [REDACTED], its full of hacker goodies you might like to look at. Either way, i feel really silly now, and pledge to keep up on my upgrades.

There are a few lessons from this report:
* The obvious ones are keep up on your patches and don't run unecessary services
* "I don't have anything on my computer that hackers would want," which I hear a lot from my extended family, is universallyl incorrect-- they want your computer.
* Bots don't know if you're on dial-up.

Thanks for the report William!
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