Barracuda Networks outage statement

Published: 2006-06-13
Last Updated: 2006-06-13 19:23:32 UTC
by William Stearns (Version: 1)
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    A number of readers have written in about problems with their Barracuda Networks mail appliances.  Barracuda networks sent in their public statement:

    "Outage on 6/13/2006 for Barracuda Spam Firewall Customers

Barracuda Networks remains committed to open communications with our customer base.  This morning, we had an outage that affected a large number of Barracuda Spam Firewall customers.  The affected customers were Barracuda Spam Firewall customers employing the virus scan feature of the Barracuda Spam Firewall using virus definition 1.5.144.  The outage resolved itself with a subsequent Energize Update to virus definition 1.5.145.
Beginning at 4:53 AM PST today, a faulty virus definition was released that had an incomplete virus database (virus definition 1.5.144).  To protect our customers in the event such a circumstance occurred, the Barracuda Spam Firewall has a built in precautionary feature which automatically prevents email from being sent through in order to keep potentially infected emails from being delivered.  Any Barracuda Spam Firewall in the field that had received virus definition 1.5.144 immediately began to queue all incoming messages until the complete virus database became available.
At 7:02 AM PST, the majority of Barracuda Spam Firewalls automatically received virus definition 1.5.145 containing the complete virus database, and email began to process normally for those customers previously affected.
The cause of the incomplete virus definition has been identified and resolved, and additional measures have been put in place to prevent this issue from occuring in the future.
Due to the volume of calls to our Technical Support department during this period, we did experience a phone system malfunction which caused many customers to have to wait for longer periods of time than what they have come to expect.  We apologize for any delay or inconvenience this may have caused and feel confident that our support department is back online and ready to assist customers right away.
Thank you for your patience.  We look forward to continuing to provide all our customers with the same high quality service and support that they have come to rely on.
Barracuda Networks Support and Operations Teams"

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