Sophos 2012 Security Threat Report

Published: 2012-02-03
Last Updated: 2012-02-03 22:34:15 UTC
by Guy Bruneau (Version: 1)
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Last week Sophos released it 2012 Security Threat Report which highlighted some key finding from 2011:

- Smartphones and tablets causing significant security challenges
- Major data breaches and targeted attacks on high-profile companies and agencies
- Hacktivism -> A shift from hacking for money to hacking as a form of protest or to prove a point
- Conficker worm is still the most commonly encountered pieces of malicious software seen is Sophos customers
- Fake antivirus software is still the most common type of malware but in second half of the year appears to be on the decline
- Spearphishing attacks on the rise

Despite all this, some successes "On March 16, 2011 a coordinated effort known as Operation b107 between Microsoft, FireEye, U.S. federal law enforcement agents and the University of Washington knocked Rustock offline." [1] The entire report available here.

Handler Mark published a diary on some of the things to take in consideration "When your service provider has a breach". [3]


Data breach diaries reported by ISC in 2011:

[2] RSA Breach
[3] Lockheed Marting
[4] Sega Pass
[5] SonyPictures
[6] DigiNotar SSL Breach (result = bankruptcy)
[7] GlobalSign
[8] Stratfor Global Intelligence


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