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Published: 2011-04-09
Last Updated: 2011-04-09 00:11:27 UTC
by Chris Carboni (Version: 1)
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Given all that is happening in the world of information security, it's not too difficult (usually) to find something to write a diary about.

What would you, our faithful readers like to see?  Are there tips or tricks you're looking for?  Do you want to see more diaries where we pose a challenge for you to solve?  Are there specific topics you would like to see?

Write to us or comment on this diary to let us know what you would like to see, or see more of.


Christopher Carboni - Handler On Duty

10 comment(s)


Personally, Christopher, I can't get enough on the subject of encryption. With so much INsecurity on the internet, wi-fi networks, and the like, I find myself spending more and more time on projects concerned with encrypting email, encrypting local file storage, secure FTP, SSL securing web pages, etc.

Anything from experts on these subjects will be reading that I will always make time for.
Some challenges for us to solve would be interesting. Solving encrypted messages, analyzing packet captures, finding bugs in code segments, etc.
@shane: check out if you're into that kind of thing. It's got a ton of challenge sites.

@christopher: I'd be interested in an item about update-checkers/checking on windows and *nix. Like PSI and Sumo for windows. And on how to keep software that did not come from a repo up-to-date.
A wealth of information is to be had here. But I would like to see it presented in such a way that those of us that are not super-tech-savvy can get a better understanding. Or at least some url's pointing to easier to understand issues on the presented subjects.

@Chris, I would like to see more on forensic, legal incidents and APT diary entries. Thanks for the work you all do!
Second Young's request for forensic, etc.
Making the move to an IPv6 world. {black|white}lists, firewalls made sense in an IPv4 world. Can even recognize some netblocks. Will need new tools and techniques really soon.
@Kender: Nice find, thanks for the tip.
I would like to see a weekly "back to basics" type of entry. Sometimes a refresher on basic topics can spark learning sessions. Plus, you never know what may have been forgotten in our continual struggle to keep up with the industry.
Ditto IPv6. I got my foot in the door real early w/ IPv4 at the dawn of the commercial Internet, and was able to grow into it as it developed, in a situation where I had fingers in practically everything and learned by doing. Now we're too busy dealing with what we've built, and I'm afraid that when the word comes down from on high IPv6 will break on us too suddenly and we'll be groping in the twilight. (Gotta get my home LAN on IPv6 "someday". Doesn't help matters that my ISP doesn't route it.)

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