Facebook User Data Call for 3rd Party Apps

Published: 2011-01-16
Last Updated: 2011-01-16 17:10:18 UTC
by Tony Carothers (Version: 1)
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A recent update from the Facebook Developers shows two new functions available to third party application developers.  The Storm Center was given two links I will forward that spell out the story very well.

The Facebook Developers site

An brief analysis and opinion here and here

The bottom line in this day and age is that he responsibility lies with the individual to protect themselves in the virtual world.  Whether a person chooses to provide the information and then share it securely, or not provide the information whatsoever, awareness is the key.


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Just did a check on my Facebook data and only had Cell for SMS. Pulled that...
There are other ways Facebook gets your data that most people overlook.

Have you ever been locked out of your account because "someone" tried to get into it? Now, let's look at this... did they get in, or didn't they?

Since they probably didn't get in, there is NO RISK! If they did get in, chances are your Facebook login would no longer work and your account is now in limbo for the foreseeable future or eternity.

Facebook doesn't consider this for a good reason.. they want you to prove you are indeed you with very specific data that is PRIVATE! How to do that... hmmm.. security questions, SMS to your phone, your driver's license number and so much more.

They indicate this is private between you and them, but is it? Their terms of use say otherwise! Anyone affiliated with them in ANY way has the ability to access this in some way or another.

So, can you read between the lines here... You give them the info and they own it. Now forget about your privacy. Facebook is a money making machine that does not care about your privacy in any way, except in ways to exploit it!

Of course this could work to your advantage.. but you would then have to be sneaky, stealthy, and manipulative like them :-)

Best, Al
Facebook has backtracked on their latest idea of selling your soul cheap (for a bit). They indicate approximately 3 weeks until the feature is implemented. The reason they gave was "rogue applications". We know that ALL online advertising uses rogue tactics of one form of another, so what are they saying exactly here????

Perhaps this is just a cooling off period??? Could be.. we will have to wait and see.


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