VLC's Check For Updates: No Updates?

Published: 2022-12-05
Last Updated: 2022-12-05 16:58:49 UTC
by Didier Stevens (Version: 1)
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When Johannes mentioned a VLC update (version 3.0.18) on Thursday's Stormcast, I started VLC and let it check for updates: it reported that I had the latest version. But I knew I didn't.

Saturday I checked again, still no updates. So I started Wireshark, let VLC do an update check, and saw this:

An HTTP request is made to host update.videolan.org path /vlc/status-win-x64. The reply says 3.0.16 is the latest version.

That's why I get no updates when VLC does the check.

The same is true for 32-bit VLC.

I informed the Videolan team.

Update: the version files are updated:

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3 comment(s)
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