"VelvetSweatshop" Maldocs

Published: 2019-03-23
Last Updated: 2019-03-23 22:53:09 UTC
by Didier Stevens (Version: 1)
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Encrypted Excel documents can be opened without entering a password, provided the password is "VelvetSweatshop".

There was a new wave of Excel maldocs encrypted with this password. MD5 3e55d5355bb56f5a5d91dd6961fa232a is one of them.

Looking a encrypted Office documents with oledump.py, you'll see the following streams:

If it's encrypted with a common password, you can use msoffcrypto-crack.py to recover the password:

And then you can save the decrypted Office document. Here I'm piping it again into oledump.py:

In a coming diary, I'll analyze the shellcode in this document.

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