Bart - a new Ransomware

Published: 2016-06-26
Last Updated: 2016-06-26 17:27:07 UTC
by Rick Wanner (Version: 3)
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Phishme is reporting the discovery of a new ransomware which its creators have named Bart. Bart shares several commonalities with the Locky ransomware.  Bart is delivered by the same downloader, RockLoader.  The payment site bares a striking resemblance to the Locky page. 

But Bart also deviates from Locky in other ways.  The ransom is much higher, 3 Bitcoins, approximately $2000.  But probably the most striking difference is that unlike most ransomware variants Bart does not require a command and control to facilitate the encryption and in fact looks like it has no command and control capability.  Bart does not utilize the complex public-private key or symmetric encryption methods that have become common in ransomware.  Instead it stores the encrypted files in password protected zip files, and utilizes a victim id and a tor-based payment website to  facilitate decryption.

Unfortunately, no decrpyter is yet available.

More information on Bart can be found at the Phishme website.

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9 comment(s)


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