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Published: 2014-06-13
Last Updated: 2014-06-13 16:10:57 UTC
by Richard Porter (Version: 1)
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PF Chang's has posted a public response. In Summary, Secret Service contacted them June 10th, they have confirmed the breach. Time to change CC number... 'again' :(




Krebs is running a story about the recent data breach that has happened to restaurant chain PF Chang's [1]. As it so happens we decided to have lunch there today and I polled one of the managers if she had been briefed on the breach. She had been informed. 

I observed two things of note at lunch, one people were still paying with credit cards but what returned was a pleasant and welcome surprise. The bar tender placed the bill down along with a manually run credit card from one of the ole'school card imprinters [2].

The extent of the breach is still under investigation according to the general manager of the PF Chang's we frequent, and it is time to change the CC ... again ...

Maybe we should keep a breach causes CC change score board :( [3]


[1] http://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/06/banks-credit-card-breach-at-p-f-changs/

[2] http://www.amazon.com/Addressogragh-Bartizan-4000-Imprinter-Without/dp/B0057YIHMM

??[3] https://www.privacyrights.org/


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