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ISC StormCast for Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Santa's Gift... The Twelve Days of Cyber Christmas

Published: 2012-12-25
Last Updated: 2012-12-25 07:33:13 UTC
by Richard Porter (Version: 1)
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Merry Christmas


On the twelfth day of Cyber Christmas my true CPU gave to me…
12 Hard Drives Humming
11 Fibers lighting
10 speakers beeping
9 displays a dancing
8 hakz0rs hacking
7 Toe’s a typing
6 Easter eggs an ‘activating’
5 F…I…R…E…. W….A….L…L…S
4 Calling Modems (9600 baud)
3 Global Worms
2 Trojan Horses
and a partridge in pear tree….


Richard Porter

--- ISC Handler on Duty

1 comment(s)
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