Updated version of Mandiant's Web Historian

Published: 2010-07-25
Last Updated: 2010-07-25 04:45:57 UTC
by Rick Wanner (Version: 1)
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I've been out of touch the last month or two with special projects and vacation so today was my day to catch up on some old email.  One item that caught my interest is an update to one of Mandiant's free tools, Web Historian to version 2.0.  If you are an incident responder or forensic investigator Web Historian may be of interest to you. 

Web Historian is a great tool for collecting and analyzing web browsing history information. The original version of this software dates back a few years to when Mandiant was still RedCliff and was showing a little rust. The new version is a complete rewrite and redesign of this popular tool.  This version of Web Historian has a bunch of new features and supports Firefox 2/3+, Chrome 3+, and Internet Explorer versions 5 through 8.

For more information about Web Historian 2.0 see the Mandiant Blog.

To download and try Web Historian 2.0 go to the download page.


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