Apple Security Update 2009-006 for Mac OS X v10.6.2

Published: 2009-11-09
Last Updated: 2009-11-09 23:07:39 UTC
by Guy Bruneau (Version: 1)
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Apple has released updates ranging from general operating systems security updates as well has fixes to enhance the stability and compatibility for Mac OS X version 10.6.2. The entire list of updates is available here. These updates may be obtained from Apple's Software Download web site here.


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80's Flashback on Jailbroken iPhones

Published: 2009-11-09
Last Updated: 2009-11-09 14:44:50 UTC
by Chris Carboni (Version: 1)
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Those of us who spent our formative years in the 80's would know, but for those a bit younger, if you have a jailbroken iPhone and are wondering who just appeared as your wallpaper, it's Rick Astley, a singer who was (at least somewhat) popular in the 80's.  His video was the first example of "rickrolling"

Chris (nice name btw) pointed us to a forum where the owner of a jailbroken iPhone reported the change in wallpaper which also included the words "ikee is never going to give you up", a reference to one of Rick's songs. has a nice article on the worm, which is being called ikee.

Sophos also has a nice article.

And yes, despite the massive temptation, all the links in this article point to where they should.  :)

Christopher Carboni - Handler On Duty

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