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More tools, Google summer of code

Published: 2005-06-02
Last Updated: 2005-06-02 22:47:25 UTC
by Adrien de Beaupre (Version: 1)
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More tools added

Many readers, and fellow handlers, have chimed in to add to the listing
of tools submitted by ScottF in yesterday's diary. I'll be listing them
here, and will find a more permanent home for the full compilation.
Updates will be posted throughout the remainder of my shift.

I personally have a preference for tools that are free, and open source.
Although I'll certainly take just free.

Here are my contributions:

Contributed by Harlan Carvey:

Contributed by Greg:

Contributed by Brian Patterson:

Contributed by John Franolich:

Root Kit Revealer.

Contributed by ScottF:

Contributed by Shaun Brachmann:

Contributed by Kahlib:

Contributed by Alpha:

Contributed by Steve Kiehl:

Google summer of code

Students can get paid to develop or contribute to open source software

projects this summer, including nmap.

Want to write open

source this summer?

Want to make money?

Want to do both?

My apologies to those who's tools submissions did not get included

this time around. There were many, and they were all good. I had

to cut it off somewhere.


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