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tcp FileNail [trojan] File Nail
tcp tram TRAM
udp tram TRAM
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Roy 2015-07-18 10:58:35
From what I can see, port 4567 is only open if you have FIOS TV. Its obvious purpose is to administer their set top boxes and DVRs. I don't like that port being open any more than anyone else does but I'm not going to assume nefarious intentions by Verizon nor will I assume there's a huge vulnerability. If they have chosen a user name and password correctly for that port it will be extremely hard to crack the combination. If they change the user name and password periodically it's even a tougher thing to break in (long randomly chosen character strings for each is a very secure lock on port 4567). This gives an adequate explanation of what the basic use of port 4567 must be about. https://www.broadband-forum.org/technical/download/TR-069_Amendment-5.pdf
Daniël van Eeden 2013-03-28 11:09:33
Port 4567 is used by Galera replication for MySQL
2010-01-05 14:45:32
Port 4567 is an (apparently TR-069 based) remote access port in Actiontec and Westell modems manufactured for Verizon FIOS, giving Verizon root access to all FIOS customer routers.
2009-01-02 03:10:04
Port 4567 is used by Actiontec to put a backdoor into their modems.
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