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1 day ago Uber Hacked: Information of 57 Million Users Accessed in Covered-Up Breach

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Uber Covered Up Massive Hack in 2016 for More Than a Year

1 day ago Google admits tracking users' location even when setting disabled

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After Quartz revealed Google was tracking the location of a user through cell tower connections, the search giant said the function improves the speed and performance of message delivery.

23 hours ago More Industrial Products at Risk of KRACK Attacks

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An increasing number of vendors have warned customers over the past weeks that their industrial networking products are vulnerable to the recently disclosed Wi-Fi attack method known as KRACK.

22 hours ago Loake Shoes admits: We've fallen victim to cybercrims

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Hold on to your laces, email server was compromised

Miscreants, hackers - call 'em what you will - have pilfered email addresses from an unknown number of Loake Shoes customers.…

22 hours ago Uber Concealed Breach of 57 Million Accounts For A Year

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Firm Paid Hackers $100,000, But Was It Bug Bounty Reward or Extortion Payoff?Uber paid hackers $100,000 to keep quiet about a 2016 breach that exposed 57 million accounts belonging to customers and drivers, Bloomberg reports. But was the payment a bug bounty, as Uber has suggested, or really an extortion payoff and hush money?

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2 hours ago What Should You Expect From Real Estate Technology In 2018?

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Technology is becoming more and more important in the real estate sector, mainly because of having to deal with shifting market conditions or consumer behavior changes that are completely unexpected. Different emerging technology companies appear every single year and are focused on residential and commercial real estate services and products. We can say that the real

2 hours ago To fix Intel's firmware fiasco, wait for Christmas Eve or 2018

The Register View Synopsis+1
And cross your fingers: 'TBD' is the scheduled date for hundreds of PC fixes

The world's top PC-makers have started to ship fixes for the multiple flaws in Intel's CPUs, but plenty won't land until 2018.…

5 hours ago Internet trolls rely on social defaults, the online version of herd mentality

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Learn how artificially-created situations influence our behavior online and what if anything can be done to reduce the influence of social defaults.

4 hours ago Optus Business injects AU$3.5m in cybersecurity research centre

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Optus will provide AU$2.1 million in cash and AU$1.4 million worth of expertise for development and training to the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre over the next seven years.

21 hours ago 5 Ways To Find Best Online Shopping Bargains

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You're going to be bombarded with online deal offers. Here's how to get the best bargains.

Latest News

3 hours ago Samba needs two patches, unless you're happy for SMB servers to dance for evildoers

The Register View Synopsis+1
Big Linux distros have pushed their fixes, but let's not assume everything auto-patches, OK?

It's time to patch Samba again - or turn off SAMBA 1, which is never as easy as it sounds.…

4 hours ago Net Neutrality: Policy or Market Forces?

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it seems like the entire internet is on fire this week about the FCC, Ajit Pai. and the plans to undo the previous administration's Net Neutrality rulings.  My understanding is that reddit is about to self-immolate over this issue.  Just about every news source is on fire with multiple articles advocating one position or another (mostly opposition from my non-scientific survey).



5 hours ago Devs working to stop Go math error bugging crypto software

The Register View Synopsis+1
Programming language makes some fuzzy big numbers

Consider this an item for the watch-list, rather than a reason to hit the panic button: a math error in the Go language could potentially affect cryptographic libraries.…