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8 hours ago IBM Targets Installed Base With Second Phase Of POWER9 Systems

Forbes View Synopsis+1
Back in December, IBM announced the first phase of its POWER9 products - its first POWER9 chip and its first POWER9-based server. Now IBM has officially launched the second phase of its POWER9 server products. I am going to delve further into the new announcements.

22 hours ago Apple Fixes Indian Character Crash Bug in iOS, macOS

SecurityWeek View Synopsis+1

Updates released by Apple on Monday for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS patch a flaw that causes applications to crash when rendering specific strings of Indian characters.

21 hours ago Google Filters Annoying Ads But Does Nothing For Security

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Experts Say New Functionality Ignores Wider Privacy And Security ConcernsGoogle has begun activating a new feature in Chrome that will block 12 types of intrusive advertisements. But experts say the online advertising industry needs to solve the malware and privacy problems that have caused users to turn to ad-blocking and anti-tracking tools.

19 hours ago UK local gov: 37 cyber attacks a minute but little mandatory training

The Register View Synopsis+1
Campaigners blame gov bods' growing hunger for big data

Local government was hit by almost 100 million cyber attacks in the last five years, while one in four councils' systems were successfully breached, according to research.…

17 hours ago North Korean Hacking Group APT37 Expands Targets

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A lesser known hacker group believed to be working on behalf of the North Korean government has been expanding the scope and sophistication of its campaigns, according to a report published on Tuesday by FireEye.

Top News

2 hours ago Dutton says facial recognition in lieu of passports 'very close' to reality

ZDNet View Synopsis+1
The country's newly crowned Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has said facial recognition at airports in Australia is merely a few 'technology generations' away from being rolled out.

2 hours ago U.S. Justice Department Launches Cybersecurity Task Force

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Tuesday the launch of a new cybersecurity task force whose role is to help the Department of Justice find ways to combat cyber threats and become more efficient in this area.

1 hour ago Bad news: 43% of login attempts 'malicious' Good news: Er, umm...

The Register View Synopsis+1
Also bad: Unpatched systems, unsecured APIs, IoT gear, anthrax candy, bottomless pits

An extraordinary 43 per cent of all attempted online account logins are malicious, Akamai claims in its latest internet security report.…

17 hours ago Employee turnover can put corporate data at serious risk

TechRepublic View Synopsis+1
The cost of employee turnover isn't all about lost productivity and hiring/training a replacement. If someone takes confidential data with them, the consequences can be devastating to the business.

Latest News

4 hours ago Government Cybersecurity Through Obscurity And Paying Attention To Data Lifecycles

Forbes View Synopsis+1
An NSF survey's use of late night phone surveys from unknown numbers and argument that confirming encryption use is dangerous offers a case study in cybersecurity through obscurity, modern data lifecycles and just how far the US Government must go to modernize to the new reality of cybersecurity.

10 hours ago Stalled Equifax Breach Investigation Could Provide Valuable Insight

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Cybersecurity experts weigh in on the consequences of the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)--the watchdog agency in charge of protecting consumers--decision to pull back on its investigation into the massive data breach at Equifax.

11 hours ago Supreme Court Won't Review CareFirst Data Breach Case

InfoRiskToday View Synopsis+1
Case Now Heads Back to Lower Court for Potential TrialThe Supreme Court has declined to review the data breach case involving CareFirst, and so now the class action lawsuit against the health insurer is headed back to a Washington federal trial court. The breach case would have been the first of its kind considered by the nation's highest court.