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2010-05-19Jason LamEFF paper about browser tracking


2010-05-19Jason LamEFF paper about browser tracking


2013-12-11Johannes UllrichBrowser Fingerprinting via SSL Client Hello Messages
2013-09-13Rob VandenBrinkUpdate for Safari to version 5.1.10 is out - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5921
2012-07-23Johannes UllrichMost Anti-Privacy Web Browsing Tool Ever?
2012-06-04Rob VandenBrinkBrowsers and SSL Security - a Race to the Bottom !
2012-05-22Johannes UllrichThe "Do Not Track" header
2011-08-26Daniel WesemannUser Agent 007
2011-06-09Richard PorterOne Browser to Rule them All?
2011-04-10Raul SilesRecent security enhancements in web browsers (e.g. Google Chrome)
2011-03-23Johannes UllrichFirefox 4 Security Features
2011-01-27Chris CarboniOpera Updates
2010-12-18Raul SilesGoogle Chrome (Stable and Beta) have been updated to 8.0.552.224 for all platforms (Chrome OS too). http://bit.ly/fW04cr
2010-10-12Adrien de BeaupreNew version of Opera- Opera 10.63 is a recommended upgrade offering security and stability enhancements: http://www.opera.com/browser/download/
2010-06-23Scott FendleyOpera Browser Update
2010-05-19Jason LamEFF paper about browser tracking
2010-02-03Rob VandenBrinkSupport for Legacy Browsers
2010-01-27Raul SilesGoogle Chrome v4.0.249.78 Released: http://googlechromereleases.blogspot.com/2010/01/stable-channel-update_25.html
2009-07-17John BambenekCross-Platform, Cross-Browser DoS Vulnerability
2009-03-19Mark HofmanBrowsers Tumble at CanSecWest
2009-03-04Deborah HaleFirefox Releases version 3.0.7
2008-12-17donald smithOpera 9.6.3 released with security fixes
2008-12-12Swa FrantzenBrowser Security Handbook
2008-08-20Adrien de BeaupreFrom the mailbag, Opera 9.52...
2008-06-19William StearnsFirefox vunerability
2008-04-18John BambenekEV SSL Certificates - Just once, why can't one of our poorly considered quick fixes work?
2008-03-24Raul SilesNext-generation Web browsers?


2013-03-06Adam SwangerIPv6 Focus Month: Guest Diary: Stephen Groat - Geolocation Using IPv6 Addresses
2010-05-19Jason LamEFF paper about browser tracking
2008-09-16donald smithDon't open that invoice.zip file its not from UPS


2010-05-19Jason LamEFF paper about browser tracking