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Petya Ransomware Decrypted

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SANS Daily Network Security Podcast (Stormcast) for Tuesday, April 12th 2016

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Poor audio starting around 1:20 through 3:00.
Posted by JDubsFL on Tue Apr 12 2016, 01:49
Warning to headphones users: the segment mentioned by JDubsFL is pretty much murder on the ears. I didn't see it coming and ow...
Posted by Anon on Tue Apr 12 2016, 01:53
Sorry for the bad audio and thanks for letting me know. I just re-recorded the section and re-uploaded the MP3. Give it 15 min to refresh the cache...
Posted by Dr. J. on Tue Apr 12 2016, 02:54
I am interested in the study on USB drives -- however the statistic "estimated success rate of 45–98%" doesn't really narrow it down and makes me wonder how they came to that number. Maybe by leaving contact information on the drive? But still, why such a wide range? Presumably flash drive doesn't dial home.

Posted by Stefan on Tue Apr 12 2016, 15:18

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