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Crowdsourced Penetration Tester
Company Synack Red Team
Location Anywhere
Preferred GIAC Certifications GPEN GWAPT GXPN
Travel 0%
Salary varies
Contact Name Anonymous
Contact Email rkrishnan/at/
Expires 2020-12-25

Job Description

Join the Synack Red Team (SRT) and do good while you hack, earn, and learn. Top security researchers/ ethical hackers seek the most varied, widely-used targets to apply their skills and that’s what Synack offers. By joining our crowdsourced ethical hacking community, you will have access to regular income and the opportunity to apply your hacking skills and grow them.

Basically, perform security work (find vulns, check for weaknesses) - get paid.

The amount of payment depends on your findings, not your time. Synack typically pays hundreds of dollars for XSS/ simple things and thousands of dollars for SQLi / RCE. The SRT is a unique community for skilled researchers to test their talents and earn money.

Synack offers a unique ethical hacking experience unmatched at consulting firms, bug bounty platforms, and independent work.

* Regular income - Whether it is 5 hours per week, or 30, Synack has a way for researchers to get paid for doing what they love. Researchers can submit traditional vuln disclosure reports or perform security checks (called Missions) - select one, check for weakness (or not), document your work, collect your income
* Predictable Payments - Synack pays SRT members directly using a single set of rules across all of our customers’ targets. We triage and pay the same way for every report - as quickly as possible.
* Dedicated Cloud Workspace - Worried about falling off a VPN or having to co-mingle data on your existing machine? It’s all good. Synack’s LaunchPoint+ (LP+) workspaces provide a cloud VM of Windows/Linux to perform all your SRT duties allowing you to safely work from anywhere in the world that has a stable internet connection.
* Right-sized crowd - The SRT is a community with opportunity for all; we annually remove SRT for inactivity, opening up more opportunity for those who are truly committed to their craft.
* Get Help Hacking - Synack’s platform gives you data on your target in advance, others are finding, so you can decide where to hunt for vulns - new ground, or fertile ground
* Legal Protection - By using our platform for all hacking activities, you are protected against wrongful claims of unethical hacking
* Get Paid to Learn - Synack Missions offer a refreshing way to check for known weaknesses that is also recon, educational, and paid
* Community - Get recognition, fun, unique opportunities, event invites, collaborative hacking and access to the most exclusive ethical hacking knowledge exchange in the world: the SRT Slack Group

Note: this is not a full-time position, this is an opportunity to join a crowdsourced team where payments are made based on findings and testing work. Our top researchers have earned over $1,000,000 in their Synack careers.


* You can find security vulnerabilities on your own
* You can write them up clearly
* You are > 18 years of age
* You are considerate to your peers, Synack, and our customers
* You will pass our security challenge tests, interviews, and background checks
* With Penetration Testing credentials from GIAC, you will be well positioned to join the Synack Red Team


Applicants may not be a resident of or located in a country or region against which the United States has issued export sanctions or other trade restrictions (e.g., Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Iran and Crimea)
Applicants may not be employees or contractors of crowdsourced security/ bug bounty companies.

It’s all hands on deck, it’s hard work, it’s satisfying, it’s Synack. Join us!

Synack is committed to embracing diversity. Our people are our strength. Each addition to our team is an opportunity to grow and diversify our ideas, experiences, and viewpoints. We strive to be inclusive of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Sex, LGBTQ+, Veterans, Disabilities, and Age. Synack welcomes you!

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