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SANS ISC: Cyber Security Awareness Month - Day 5: Standards Body Soup, So many Flavors in the bowl. SANS ISC InfoSec Forums

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Cyber Security Awareness Month - Day 5: Standards Body Soup, So many Flavors in the bowl.


First I would like to say, without our readers and subscribers we would not exist and that we genuinely do read every post. A reader posted a request to break down standards bodies and I decided to take that endeavor on. This now has turned into a larger project than just one diary entry. You will see more on this topic but hopefully today is a good start. This first pass at understanding the different bodies does not include a complete list. 

Many of likely heard the quote “The problem with Standards is there are so many to choose from.”  I really don’t know who first uttered that phrase but it holds true from my point of view. This article will take a 10,000 meter or 30,000 foot view (Depends on if you are metric [1] or imperial Units [2] ) of what I am calling standards body soup. Within this bowl of standards groups there are several types and methods in which they govern. I can make the assumption that most of the readers are familiar with a Request for Comments (RFC) and the group that governs this standards suite is the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). So, we will start there and will break down the IEFT into areas for understanding. This will provide a framework for a further list of Standards Bodies.

Breakdown and Terminology

In order to build a table for understanding different standards bodies we will use the following subject areas for columns.