Adobe Flash Player - SANS07C4/SANS07C1

We are running a vulnerability scan and it states that it has found SANS07C4 and SANS07C1 relating to Adobe Reader / Adobe Flash Player.

We have totally uninstalled Adobe Reader / Flash player and cleared out the registry on the computer for anything Adobe / Macromedia related as per their knowledge base articles.

I have contacted GFI who run the LanGuard vulnerability scanner and they are at a loss too.

Would someone know what paths / ocx / dll's these are actually checking for?

Kind Regards and thanks in advance!


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The plot thickens - if we run an audit scan again the host with Nessus it only showed that Adobe 13 was installed (it was put back on by a user) and nothing relating to Adobe Flash was exploitable.

Im just wondering what the SANS07C4 is referring to:

ANS07C4: Adobe Flash Player and earlier vulnerable to CSRF attack
Adobe Flash Player and earlier insufficiently validates HTTP Referer headers, which potentially allows remote attackers to conduct a CSRF attack via a crafted SWF file.

As only Adobe Flash player 13 is detected as below:

Nessus found the following instances of Flash Player installed on the
remote host :

- ActiveX control (for Internet Explorer) :



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As far as SANS is concerned, maybe "SANS07C4" stands for "SANS 2007 Critical Control 4" referring to the SANS Critical Controls. But then again, they are not really that specific.

I think your hunch that this stands for "ANS" not "SANS" makes sense.

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Hi Johannes,

Thank you very much for your reply - appreciate it.

Unfortunately it line broke me off - when copy pasting!

Best Regards,


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