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SANS ISC: Collaborative 404 Error Page Reporting - SANS Internet Storm Center Collaborative 404 Error Page Reporting

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The 404Project is a snippet of PHP client code you can add to the 404 error page on your web site that submits data to ISC for compiling and reporting. Your participation will contribute to the collection of information ISC monitors, compiles and reports on. Don't run PHP? See the list of alternative languages added periodically.

You must have an ISC Portal ID and Identification Key to use this tool. Once logged in and submitting data, you can view your 404 summary information. Jump to the Instructions to get started!

The following fields are collected in addition to being stored with the date, time and your credentials:


Optionally you can mask an IP for privacy or legal concerns. Mask ranges from 0xff000000/8 to no mask 0xffffffff/32 can be applied.

Please contact us with feedback or if you experience and trouble or need further assistance setting this up.


  1. Sign Up for an ISC account or, if you are currently a member, login and visit My Account then go to the next step
  2. Note your userID number in the right column under "Logged in as:" on My Account
  3. Note your "Your Authentication Key:" in section My Account
  4. Paste this PHP code snippet into your 404 error page
  5. In the code, update [Your ISC ID] and [Your Authentication Key] with the info you noted from My Account

Alternative Languages

  • Steve Milner posted a Python port [1] of the code. SHA1SUM: 12394939d264d7c10531f781b9184dfd2d1435c1
  • Joseph Faust created a .NET port [1] of the code.

[1] Indicates code not developed or maintained by the Internet Storm Center. Please evaluate carefully and contact the developer directly for support.